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Caroline Morris    |

“Urban Seed is a hypothetical non profit organization that exists to inspire a new generation of people to build relationships with healthy food, farming, and the land. Through educational development programs, Urban Seed provides an outlet for community enrichment while supplying fresh, local produce. The organization is located on Dudley Farm in Nashville, TN.

The 5th annual Field-to-Fork benefit dinner serves to promote the ideals of Urban Seed. The idea is to raise awareness and funding for the organization while giving participants a genuine dining experience. The event is located on the farm itself, bringing people directly to the source of their food. Participants should leave with a better understanding of Urban Seed and feel motivated to support the organization financially.”

My name is Caroline. I currently work for a branding firm in Birmingham, AL.

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Today we continue to show you elegant bio ethanol fireplaces. This time this is Globe collection by Sweden company Vauni. Globe is a flueless designed fireplace that combines tradition with classic form in a modern interpretation and will enhance any modern outdoor or indoor scheme. Whether free standing or elevated by a foot, this fireplace can be easily rotated 360 degrees for optimal enjoyment. Globe is designed by Markus Grip and is available in two variations; cast iron with a matt finish or polished black granite. If you want to buy this fireplace – visit Vauni.

Published on: 10 February 2013

InsideMalta - Further Webdesign Ideas

After gaining lots of feedback, I have decided to take a fresher approach to my design. As you can see I have both a bigger header and footer to my site allowing more space for titles, and an introduction to the site itself.  The logo is currently being worked on, until I find a style that fits the site and space.

Published on: 15 November 2012 6:56pm